Range of products & services

  • Total Flooding Systems

    Total Flooding Systems

    • High pressure CO2 gas-based total flooding systems for machinery spaces, cargo holds, modules.
  • Dry Chemical Powder Based Extinguishing Systems

    Dry Chemical Powder Based Extinguishing Systems

    • Dry chemical powder based extinguishing systems for specific applications.
  • Foam-Based Extinguishing Systems

    Foam-Based Extinguishing Systems

    • Hot foam system for machinery spaces.
    • Deck foam systems for tanker decks.
    • Helicopter deck foam systems.
    • Foam water deluge system for topside modules.
  • Fire Detection Systems

    Fire Detection Systems

    • Addressable and conventional fire detection systems including control panels, detectors, call points, audio visual alarms.
    • Emergency shutdown system integrated with fire and gas detection system for large applications.
  • Gas Detector

    Gas Detector

    • H25.
    • Combustible.
    • Oxygen Analyzer.
  • Water Based Extinguishing System

    Water Based Extinguishing System

    • Local application water mist system as per system 913 for machinery spaces.
    • Water mist for accommodation areas.
    • Sprinkler for accommodation areas.
  • Full Range of Fire Extinguisher

    Full Range of Fire Extinguisher

  • Hydro Test Pressure Vessel

    Hydro Test Pressure Vessel

  • Engineering Design

    Engineering Design

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